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We are now open in Nakameguro !
(since September 19, 2017)

How could you implement Flicfit Foot Scanner Engine into your store ?
Our new store in Nakameguro gives you chance to try it out and consult with our staff.
Book a time today to come check it out. A brand-new experience is waiting for you.
※Reservation Only.

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Store fig 1
Scan Booth

Providing a new fitting experience.
Simulate the introduction of this technology into customer stores.

Store fig 2
Shoe Case

With a lineup of shoes in a variety of different sizes,
customers can try on the shoes that have been recommended for them.

Store fig 3

An open space where we greet customers.
Feel free to come up and ask anything.

Store fig 4

Expanding business in line with customer needs.
This desire has led us to make our office a store as well.

NAKAMEGURO GALLERY STREET K2, 2-43-20, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0051, Japan